Tom Ludwig Reacts to Gerrymandering in New York

A New York court is allowing the Democratic-controlled legislature to redraw its congressional map.

Tom Ludwig, Congressional Candidate for New York’s 3rd District, made the following statement:

This decision by the New York court will inevitably lead to gerrymandering by Democrats. They are sore losers, and instead of listening to New York voters, the Democrats are redrawing district lines at an attempt to win elections.

Shifting the lines will not affect my determination to win this race and serve the people of New York. I am running to restore the trust of voters and address the migrant crisis, out of control inflation, and rampant crime. These issues affect New Yorkers regardless of which district they reside in. I look forward to engaging with voters on the campaign trail and delivering for my constituents in Congress.

Thomas Ludwig, a retired Army Ranger and Green Beret with multiple combat deployments, is a Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s Third Congressional District. Thomas has five college degrees, two graduate certificates, and eight professional certificates. He is a third generation Long Islander who grew up in Levittown. Over a twenty-year military career, he earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and served as a Special Forces Company Commander. Support the campaign and sign up to learn more at

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